Leadership challenges at SPTS in Newport.




SPTS Technologies is a company that manufactures wafer technology for the digital industry and is a world leader in this field. They are part of the Orbotech Industries conglomerate and in Israeli ownership. It was a surprise to me when I was approached  to conduct a review of their internal and external security recently. The review highlighted significant areas of work that needed to be done to change how valuable equipment and consumables within the factory complex are protected and how policy and procedure were needed to make teams accountable to the chain of management. When the review was done and we reported back to the senior Vice President it became clear that our recommendations whilst needed and accepted were against the “light touch” philosophy of the companies leadership. Moving to implement change that would appear heavy handed to staff was not what they wanted to hear. But of course in leadership it is not so much about the message but in how it is delivered. It will be interesting to see if they manage to bring about the changes and take the staff with them. I hope so!

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