At Gareth Bryon Consultancy we know that your people are the key to your success. Often we find that good people with great operational skills are thrust into leadership positions with no developmental support to help them maximise their potential in these roles. We work with our clients to understand their leadership gaps and provide
bespoke solutions to develop individuals and teams.

Gareth Bryon Consultancy  works with a broad range of clients-small businesses, public bodies, charities, schools and associations developing performance through leadership coaching and mentoring, training and business support.

Gareth Bryon Consultancy are qualified International Lead Auditors and Consultants and provide auditing and consultancy of business management systems to support the achievement of Certification in ISO Standards and British Standards.

Clients we have supported  since 2011 include private individuals from the Police and the Crown Prosecution Service, The Creative Thinking Company www.thecreativethinkingcompany.co.uk  The 3D Crystal Company www.the3Dcrystalcompany.com  Equas Ltd www.isoinabox.co.uk   Zokit www.zokit.co.uk   The Forensic and Policing Services Association www.fapsa.org.uk   AIS 2000ltd www.ais2000.co.uk  The Princes Trust Cymru  www.princes-trust.org.uk   Llanishen High School, (Cardiff).

Recent work includes:

Leading a national project to bring about change in the quality standards arena for SME businesses on behalf of the Home Office Forensic Science Regulator, the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences and the Forensic and Policing Services Association.

Leading work within a large Cardiff Secondary school to develop  leadership skills and drive performance improvements through coaching and mentoring.

Facilitating leadership growth for the Executive Team at the Princes Trust Cymru and assisting with building and maintaining high performance teams.

Current work :

Developing leadership training for the Caribbean criminal justice market to upskill senior police officers.

Involvement in the Leading for London project.